Hi, my name is Bridget Gismondi (that's jiz-mahn-dee), and welcome to my website. Every time people find out I'm left-handed, they say, "You know, left-handed people are supposed to be very creative." To which I say, "Yeah, why else do you think I became a designer? I'm biologically wired for it."
Jokes aside, I'm a driven designer and creative thinker who wants to share my conceptual thinking, design skills, humor, and art nerd trivia with you. I love developing exciting and unique concepts to drive brand identities from beyond the basic. After all, good design isn't just a pretty face, it's got a brain too. While I primarily focus on branding and publication, I also have experience with package design and web design. 
I'm a recent graduate from Syracuse University with a BFA in Communications Design. I'm currently based in southern Florida, but I'm willing to go wherever an exciting opportunity takes me (if you experience four seasons that is a plus).
Oh, and fun fact: Everything you see on this website was ideated, pitched, conceptualized, named, copywritten, designed, and art directed by me!
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